Tent school for mahouts’ children inaugurated

To provide education to the children of mahouts and kavadis who take care of elephants that are taking part in the Dasara festivities was inaugurated by Primary and Secondary Minister Tanveer Sait on Monday.

The Department of Public Instruction has been running the tent school for the benefit of children, accompanying their parents with the elephants, to prevent them from discontinuing their education, since 10 years.

Speaking on the occasion, Tanveer sait said that  a total of nine children of different age groups have registered at the school which will commence classes from Tuesday daily between 9:30 am and 1:00 pm. The minister also distributed note books, uniforms and sweets to students.

Noor Fathima, head master, Government School, KR Mohalla, who has been taking lessons in Kannada, environment and mathematics since 10 years said it is challenging task to teach these children who are from jungle camps.

“The understanding level of these children will be different. For normal children if we tell anything they will listen but it’s not the same with these children as their background and inclinations are different. There is lot of techniques involved to attract these children towards learning and we adopt ‘simple to complex’ and ‘joyful learning’ method to teach these children. Last year 53 students attended the class.”

Tent library: On the occasion, Tanveer Sait also inaugurated tent library at the school. In a move aimed to inculcate reading habit among mahouts, kavadis, their children and family members who are in city for Dasara, the Department of Public Libraries and Mysore Library and Information Scientists Association set up tent library at palace premises. There is nearly 5000 to 6000 collection of books. Most of the books are related to comics and story books all in Kannada. The library will be kept open during school hours. A librarian will be guiding students.

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