Tent School for migrant children inaugurated

Swami Vivekananda youth movement in association with Inner Wheel Rotary Club of Central Mysuru and Excel Public School, Koorgalli, established a ‘Tent School’ for the migrant children’s, recently.

The programme was inaugurated at BSR construction, KSOU campus, Mysuru. Secretary Nandini N, President Chandrika Sudheer, Sowjanya Attavar, member of Inner Wheel Rotary Club of Central Mysuru, Rangarao Krishna – TEACH Chairman-2016-17 Rotary, site manager Sridar, R S Rajan head, SVYM, Mysuru, Fathima Mary P, Director, TI Migrant Project, project manager Ramesh, M&E officer Sridevi, field staff of TI Migrant Chandrashekar, Sujata, Anantu, Lakshmi, students of Excel Public School, Koorgalli, and others were present on the occasion.

This programme aims to provide free education for the migrant children and also to promote importance and necessary of education to each individual. The goal of the programme is to provide informal education for the migrant children.

The main objectives of the programme are to cover all needy children who have been denied access to education; to provide elementary, informal education for the children; to motivate parents to send their children’s to regular schools; breaking the barriers of language for education; and to improve education of children at their door step/working/shelter.

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