Textbooks and uniforms should be given on school reopening day: Minister S Suresh Kumar

Mysuru, February 10:- “Students should be provided with textbooks and uniforms on the day of school reopening. We have started processing in that direction,” said Minister for Primary and Secondary Education S Suresh Kumar.

He was speaking to media in the city on Monday.

“Textbooks were reaching students in September, October and November in the past. It was problematic for the students. To overcome this, we have decided to provide uniforms and textbooks on the day of school reopening this year. Students should go to school with happiness. We will form another committee to look after this,” he said.

“CCTV cameras should be installed at all examination centres. Around 10,600 teachers will be appointed. The first list has been finalised and the second list has some technical issues. Students were having problems in Achammana Halli of Pavagada. Students walk up to 10 kilometres in Chamarajanagar district. We have discussed with parents and students to provide them with a proper solution,” he said.

When asked about how right it is to organise discussions during exam time, he said it was held only for the students of 7th and 8th standards to create interest in science.

“The teacher of Pakkelubu video fame had come to me. He requested me to revoke his suspension. I told him that we would do that and asked him why he had stressed the student to say that word in a single day and asked him why he shot that video. He told me that he wanted to show it to the parents of the student, but his 8-year-old son uploaded it on social media. It is a question of mindset. We have instructed teachers to not use a cell phone during school hours,” he added.

“We have been discussing reducing the school bag weight of students since late R K Narayan (renowned English writer) was Rajya Sabha member. Are we sending children to school or climb mountains? A ‘Bag-less Day’ will be observed every week to help students,” he added. (MR/KS)

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