The ball is now in your court, Vladimir Putin tells Donald Trump in joint address

Prime News, International (Moscow), July 17:- US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday addressed a joint press conference in Helsinki in Finland. Among the various issues taken up by the two powerful leaders were radical Islamic terrorism and mutual cooperation.

Here are the highlights:

# These rumours of Russia collecting comprising information about my family is nothing but witchhunt, says Donald Trump.

# I heard the rumours about we collecting compromising information about Trump and family when he was in Moscow, but the fact is that I did not even know at that time that he was in Moscow, says Vladimir Putin.

# Both Russia and the US are democratic countries, and a decision on issues like meddling in elections can be taken only by a court of law, says Vladimir Putin.

# Vladimir Putin gifts a football to Donald Trump, says “the ball is now in your court”.

# Our militaries do get along very well, and they do coordinate in Syria and other places, says Donald Trump. (MR, Inputs: Agencies).

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