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The double-tap couple

It’s become the norm for Elliot, of late. At 25 years old, FuckJerry has transcended from just another Instagram handle into a bona fide media mogul. Curating isn’t simply a hobby. To Elliot, it’s a business. 

This means fielding calls from hot startups like Lyft, megabrands like Diesel and collaborations with sites like Funny Or Die. Often compared to The Fat Jewish for their similar senses of humor and curating practices, FuckJerry has translated his influence into other accounts, including Pizza, Vibes, The lightweights and Kanyedoingthings. He invests in a couple other burgeoning accounts, such as Krispyshorts, a strictly comedy video account. And he handles the business side to Jessica’s popular handle, Beige Cardigan. They are all under his umbrella company, Jerry Media Network.

Jessica, 26, has become a huge star in her own right. Her account is the counterpart to FuckJerry’s. It curates memes catered to women.

An Instagram dynamic duo, the newlyweds are still celebrating their 2015 marriage. They’ve become micro-celebrities, even profiled in Glamour, spotlighted in Cosmopolitan and appearing in a fashion spread.

Today, the Tebeles are casual chic. We’re sitting down at a diner in Soho after a brief stop at VFILES. Elliot sports a wool coat, a Dries van Noten sweater, black skinny jeans and vintage Nikes. Jessica wears a t-shirt, statement coat and a pair of sparkling Chloe boots.


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