The new govt in Karnataka is with no mission or vision: Vatal Nagaraj

Mysuru, May 21:- “The state is going through a hard time. The coming government is not a coalition government, but one with no vision or mission,” said former MLA Vatal Nagaraj at a press meet at Mysuru press club on Monday.

“People of Karnataka have lost faith in the electoral process. Political parties are facing the election with money and caste. Elections are not taking place in the right way. If this trend continues, a certain amount of money can be fixed for MLA, CM and PM’s posts and no need to conduct elections,” mocked Vatal said.

“Legislature meetings are for quarrels and allegations and are not favouring discussions on progress. Rich people, real estate owners are becoming public representatives, which is a bad trend,” he added.

“My defeat was not expected. I have done politics without being affiliated to any political party. I fought for the ideology for 50 years. But caste politics and black money defeated me,” he said.

“Election was not held transparently in Chamarajanagar. The Election Commission should take the allegations about EVMs seriously. The defeat is not a setback for me,” he said.

“The Cauvery Water Management Board is dangerous for the state. We will lose control over our water. The central government is in favour of Tamil Nadu. Ministers and MPs from Karnataka will have to fight against this,” he added.

Ramu, Ajey, G M Mohammed and Bannuru Raju were present. (MR/KMR).

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