COVID-19 pandemic: The positives that we are gaining during lockdown

By Dr S V N Vijayendra
Dr SVN Vijayendra

Mysuru, April 2:- Though a tiny coronavirus has killed so far more than 42,000 people and destabilised the economy of several countries, contrary to all its negative effects, it has led to some good things. COVID-19 has reduced the pollution levels, though it may be a temporary scenario, in the world. Across the globe, many nations have reported reduced levels of air pollution and automobile pollution. The quantity of nitrogen gas in the atmosphere has reduced by 40% in the European region especially in Italy.

Similar might be the case in our country also. Roads have become cleaner with less garbage thrown on streets either by residents or the shopkeepers. It has reduced the number of road accident deaths significantly in our country, where one death every four minutes became very common in recent years. It has also reduced the crime rate and a number of theft cases.

Heritage city Mysuru

It saved the foreign exchange to the government in terms of reduced imports of petroleum products. In addition to this, crude oil prices fell in international markets, due to lack of demand. The water in canals of Venice have become clear from murky state to natural water with reducing traffic of boats in these canals and fishes and swans are back into the waterways.

It has broken down the rigid bureaucratic system and promoted to act instantly. It has created many innovations in teaching, from formal teaching to online classes, work-from-home rather than working under the direct supervision of bosses which can be considered for continuing even after this crisis.

It has avoided regular meetings where most of the time goes waste into unnecessary discussions. COVID-19 has changed the way of our thinking and approach. At the individual level, it has provided more time to people. It has made people know the value of money and how to manage it in the crisis period which is probably the first and the longest lockdown period, especially in our country.

It has provided plenty of opportunities for people to learn new skills by sitting at homes. It has given people an opportunity to spend more time with their families. The virus has forced us to change the daily routine, cutting short unnecessary activities like weekend parties, roaming around with friends and taught us the importance of saving money for use during the crisis period. (The writer is a regular contributor to City Today and Traffic Warden and member, City Traffic Advisory Committee, Mysuru)


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