The scourge of untouchability still prevails at T Doddapura village in T Narasipur

Mysuru, October 28:- A shocking incident but true! The panchayat members of T Doddapura village in T Narasipur taluk have been allegedly practicing untouchability in spite of knowing that it is a crime to indulge in such practices against humans.

The communities which are small in numbers have been barred from travelling on public roads. When they question ban on roads, the community members allegedly get assaulted. Officials are turning a blind eye to the problems of the poor. All roads concrete, but the road leading to the residences of backward communities is yet to be asphalted. They are not even allowed to bring their vehicles home. Saddened by this, four families of Savita Samaja community in the village have decided to vacate the village. Village Panchayat members Rajanna, Chandru and Mante Ningi are allegedly involved in practicing untouchability. They allegedly attacked the residence of one Siddesh for questioning their actions.

Siddesh has filed a complaint with the police. This incident has shocked the people in the village and smaller communities live in fear.

-(KS, NGB)

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