Theatre art livelier than cinema: Dr Rajashekhar

Mysuru, February 15:- Renowned folk art scholar Dr P K Rajashekhar says theatre art is livelier than a cinema. He was speaking after inaugurating Mysuru division level inter-college play and folk dance competition at Kiru Rangamandira of Rangayana on Thursday.

“Our life itself is a drama. Plays show how one’s life has to go on. In a family, where father, mother and children live, the father goes out to work. If he doesn’t come back in time, the children starve for food. The mother goes out and gets fruits and edible things. She throws out the seed, which becomes tree and yields fruit again. Women are the first to start cultivation. Women have creativity and so does mother earth. Human beings learn singing and acting the moment he/she learns to speak. We call it culture. When we understood that we need something beyond day-to-day activities, music and drama begin. Art forms keep us and the society healthier. Cellphones are polluting the society these days,” he opined.

Director of Rangayana, Bhagirati Bai Kadam, joint director V N Mallikarjuna Swamy, Arasikere Yogananda, Ponna Nayaka, Belliappa, and others were present. (MR/GK).

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