Theatre reading workshop held for kids at Just Books

A unique ‘theatre reading’ workshop was held at Just Books in the city recently, to train children the important skills of visualisation.

Dileep Rangan, a re­source person of theatre from Bengaluru, conducted the workshop at Just Books to inculcate visualisation while reading, through in­teractive and theatre workshop. The children learnt about voice modulation facilitating intonation, pres­ence of mind and body lan­guage, facing audience, use of onomotopia, oxymoron’s and metaphors during the verbal expression.

Theatre workshop is an educational tool which en­hances memory recall and expression. Children learn to pay attention, what they are reading, when they read.

Over the decades, the skill of visualisation is lost, reading has become a chore. We all had sense of wonder when we grew up. These days children invest need to know into www….

To know what they want, in­formation is not enough, at­tention is needed. Children do not need to pay attention to pass examination. They need to pay attention when they wonder when they vi­sualise and express what they read?!

Poornima V Kumar, an educator with experience of nearly 30 years, is the key person behind this work­shop.

She has been enrich­ing the knowledge of children and adults by introducing unique programmes at Just Books in Mysuru.

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