Theatre should not be restricted to stage plays: P Mallesh

 Noted social activist said that theatre should reclaim its original aim of fighting injustice and create awareness among the people

 “Theatre plays a crucial role in developing inventiveness and making every individual creative and resourceful,” said University of Mysore Registrar C Basavaraju.

Speaking at the valedictory programme of the five-day Ranga Utsava organised by Niranthara Foundation at Fine Arts College on Sunday, Basavaraju said, “Theatre requires commitment and sincerity among artistes. Those who possess these qualities will shine in the field of theatre. Theatre is a mirror to the society and tries to project the darker issues and ills plaguing the society. Theatre can address issues that traditional education so far has failed to do. Theatre alone has the power to bring about change in the society and create awareness among the people. The message imparted through theatre is effective.”

“When we consider Mysuru, it stands as a model to other cities and nation. There is a special platform reserved for theatre and performing arts in the city. Every day one or the other programmes are staged. University of Mysore, moreover, has always been a constant support to those who wish to work in the field of literature, culture and performing arts. We support creative and unique initiatives,” he added.

Also speaking on the occasion, social activist P Mallesh said, “Theatre is a medium to fight against injustice and create awareness among the general public on various social issues. But today theatre has boiled down to mere stage plays. A theatre portrays and projects various philosophies, morals that can be adopted to bring about change in the society. In this regard, Niranthara has taken a great initiative by organising a Ranga Utsav. Plays must not be just reserved to theatres. It should be taken to the villages and staged in every taluk to bring more awareness.”

Later, noted theatre personality read the World Theatre Day message for 2016.

In the Ranga Utsava directors, playwrights, actors and theatre enthusiasts from various parts of the state and nation took part and shared their expressions and ideas.

UoM Registrar C Basavaraju speaking at the valedictory of Niranthara Ranga Utsava said that Mysuru has for long nurtured theatre.

A souvenir of Niranthara Ranga Utsava was released on Sunday. UoM Registrar C Basavaraju, social sctivist P Mallesh, renowned theatre personality Prasanna, Suguna and others are seen.

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