There is a farmer still alive in me: SasiKumar

Actor-filmmaker M Sasikumar, who has mostly worked on rural subjects, says he chooses to work on such projects because they help him to stay connected with his roots as much as possible. “I come from a family of farmers. Even though I chose to be a filmmaker and then an actor, deep down there’s a farmer in me still alive. The only way I stay connected with my roots is through my films,” Sasikumar told, adding he never gets bored of doing such projects.
“If I don’t tell the story of my people, their lives, their problems and their relationships, then who will? I don’t have any problem in telling their stories, because the backdrop might be the same but each story will be different,” he said. Another reason, Sasikumar points out, is that audiences expect such films from him. “My first two films were very well received by audiences in B and C centres which constitute people in smaller towns and even villages. When they come to watch my films, they expect elements that have some rural connect. When they like to see me in such stories, how can I stop myself,” he asked. Sasikumar’s latest Tamil outing Vetrivel releases on Friday.

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