There should be diligence, perseverance and effort while studying: MLA SA Ramadass

Mysuru, December 24:- “If you study with diligence, perseverance and effort, you can achieve what you want,’” said MLA SA Ramadass.

He was speaking after inaugurating the Banking Recruitment Training Camp organised by the Competitive Exam Training Centre at the Kaveri Auditorium of Karnataka State Open University (KSOU) on Monday.

“It’s important to communicate what you learn in the right way. The economy of the whole world is unstable today, but the economy of our country is still good. That country is India. The reason is the saving attitude of our people. Our economy is not ruined by the savings attitude of our people. In this regard, those who want to get into the banking sector should strive to open up a savings account in the rural areas and create savings attitude among the people,” he said.

“In our country, the unorganised micro banking system is widespread and people are saving money through small credit facilities. Women’s self-help groups (SHG) in every village is the best example of this. Those who are going into the banking sector should know about this,” said the MLA.

“Students should concentrate on learning and leave other things aside. Otherwise, all your effort and hard work will be wasted. There is a library facility in the Open University campus that everyone should utilise. It is possible to pass competitive exams only if we develop knowledge beyond the text books,” he added.

“Failure in competitive exams is normal. No one should be disappointed and must try again. Mobiles are a distraction to today’s youth. So, keeping in mind the real necessity of mobile phones use it only as much it is needed. We are also planning to provide training for NEET in affordable price in coming days,” said Vice-Chancellor of KSOU Prof S Vidyashankar.

Registrar of KSOU Prof B Ramesh, co-ordinator of KSOU Competitive Training Centre Jainahalli Satyanarayana Gowda, Prof P Mani of Kannada Studies department and others were present. (MR/SH)

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