They are given three-month deadline, failing which they face action

The government has directed beauty clinics, spas, salons in the state to get registered under Karnataka Private Medical Establishment (KPME) Act and has given them three-month deadline to follow the order, failing which they face action.

Addressing a press meet at Mysuru Varthabhavan on Friday, District Health Officer Dr Basavaraju said, “The government has decided to crack the whip on cosmetology and beauty salons carrying out transplants and other chemical procedures without adequate guidance from any medical officer. The decision was directed by Commissioner of Health and Family Welfare Department and all those spas that offer cosmetology treatment must have to register under the KPME Act in the next three months.”

“The decision to bring cosmetic and beauty salons under KPME was taken in the wake of death of a person in Chennai after a failed hair transplant. Till now, the beauty clinics were getting permission from corporation and had trade licence to run the show but now, they need to apply and register under the KPMEA,” he added.

KPMEA nodal officer Dr Somashekhar said, “This act will help to regulate the clinics and only a qualified beautician will be able to get the registration and needs to obey the regulations made under KPME.”

“Those spas, beauty salons that carry out hair transplantation, micro needling, laser therapy, plastic rich plasma and usage of any other chemically reacted products need to register themselves under KPME Act by paying a registration fee of Rs 5000 under day care centre within three months from today. Those who are registering need to produce their academic certification in beautician subject and must also have a skin expert as a guide.”

“The regular hair salons and barber shops that don’t carry out any transplantation or beauty-related treatments need not register under the KPME act.”  District Ayush officer Dr Seetalakshmi was present.

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