Students of Sarakari Balakiyara Balamandira celebrate the happy moment.

Among the reports of SSLC rank holders from affluent and middle-class families, here is a story that is sure to warm your hearts. The students of Sarakari Balakiyara Balamandira have cleared the exams with flying colours. All of them study in government schools having no access either to private tuitions and parent’s coaching and monitoring. All the 13 girl students have passed out with more than 50 percent and some even have scored above 75 percent. While 12 girls study in the government school in Garebovipalya, one student studies in the People’s Park Government School.

These students come from poor economic background and have no access to specialised teaching or coaching. Forget tuitions, most of the times they walk without footwear and adjust with only one pair of uniform given to them every year. “Even if the uniform is torn, we have to stitch them and wear again. This is how the system works here. And many days we have to go to the school without slippers,” a girl at the Balamandira said. Ask them about studies and they have this to say: “We discuss subjects among ourselves and help each other. For example if one is good in mathematics, she trains the weak student. Every day we dedicate a few hours to study and exchange ideas and thoughts,” another girl says.
Here are the names and the scores of achievers:
Shilpa 47.68%, Nagaveni 51.68%, Ramya 55.02%, Danamma 57.28%, Malini 58.08%, Pavithra 59.02%, Keerthana 64%, Mamatha 65.28%, Manuja 65.92%, Prema 67.2%, Shwetha R 55.68%, Mangala 70.4% and Rekha S 75.4%.

The Sarakari Balakiyara Balamandira is managed by Kavitha T N who serves as the inspector and Sridhar Golla, the head teacher.

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