Think Of Future

Krishnaraja Boulevard is one of the beautiful roads of the heritage city,  connecting  law courts and Oriental Research Center (formerly Oriental  Library). This road was designed to ensure smooth flow of traffic, creating islands at intervals to add beauty, by planting flower plants and maintaining lush greenery around. Sadly, the metal barriers protecting these islands have been removed and the area converted as parking place. This has started from law courts’ front and extended up to Zilla  Panchayat office. It is not too far the rest of the islands will also meet with the same fate! Mysore maharajas ensured that greenery is maintained in the city during their rule. It is an irony, people who are expected to uphold democratic values and safeguard our surroundings, have turned into butchers, with scant respect for nature thus, destroying the environment. For them, development is the key word to make a quick buck. They hardly care for future.  Destruction of nature will prove to be the death knell for the survival of future generations. MCC is equally irresponsible, for they don’t see what is happening right under their nose. This is taking place right in front of Law Courts, we are all supposed to be law abiding; in reality, we are law breakers. It is time, people come out of their slumber and restore what has been encroached so far and maintain the greenery; failing which, even the  adjacent parks may see the same fate. Wake up Mysuru and see the writing on the wall! Lest, future generation will curse us all!

MRG Murthy, Mysuru

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