Thinker flays Centre’s ‘Ghar wapsi’ propaganda

The central government’s attempt to convert Buddhist-Dalits into Hinduism through `Ghar Wapsi’ propaganda by applying vermilion on their forehead during celebration of Dr Ambedkar Jayanti is a ‘shameless’ act by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, said progressive thinker G K Govindarao, here on Thursday. He was speaking after inaugurating 125th birth anniversary of the architect of the Constitution Dr B R Ambedkar organised by KSRTC SC/ST Employees’ Association. Condemning the central government’s alleged attempt to manipulate Dr Ambedkar’s message, the progressive thinker pointed out that Ambedkar embraced Buddhism to oppose blind beliefs followed in Hinduism and bring out the Dalits from oppression by influential classes of Hindus.

“By propagating false beliefs among the down trodden class for thousands of years, the influential classes took advantage and benefited. Dr Ambedkar continuously opposed such discriminatory practices and ill-treatment perpetrated against backward classes and Dalits. He always strived to bring equality among all and to bestow human values. However, the central government, backed by vested interests, is trying to bring the masses into class -based social structure by imposing religious customs. The Dalits should not fall into such practices. One should respect all and not be a slave,” opnied Govindarao.

Progressive thinker G K Govindarao inaugurating 125th birth anniversary celebrations of Dr B R Ambedkar. Shivayogi Urilingapeddi Mutt seer Jnanaprakash Swamy, MLA M K Somashekar, Ex-Mayor Purushotham, KSRTC officers B L Methri, Dr K Ramamurthy and M Mahesh were present.

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