This cop is known for all the bad reasons

Mysuru, May 7:- People have a great respect for the police. But, here is a cop who is known for all the bad things. He managed to get away with his unruly behaviour in the past but on Sunday, he ran out of luck and was thrashed by the public.

Mehaboob Halli, a police at Lashkar police station, used to be on night beats. During rounds, he is accused of shooting videos through the open windows of houses in the area. Many people have observed Halli taking videos.

. On Sunday night, between 3 am and 4 am, he was video shooting through the window of a house. People caught him and thrashed him, thinking he was a thief. He was earlier working at commissioner’s office and was transferred on some charges. He was once caught by the public riding without a helmet after the helmet rule was made mandatory. People want to know why is he kept in the department despite his unruly behaviour.  (MR/KS).

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