This village in Bihar wouldn’t care even if onions cost Rs 500. Know why?

Prime News, National (Patna), November 29:- Onion prices are skyrocketing all over the country retail rate of onion has gone up to Rs 70 per kg to Rs 100 per kg in different parts of the country.

In Bihar, the price of onion has gone up to Rs 70-80 per kg. Onion prices are increasing in such a way that Bihar State Cooperative Marketing Association Limited (BISCOMAUN) has been supplying onions at Rs 35 per kg for the last few days to provide relief to people in many areas of Bihar’s capital Patna.

Interestingly there is a village in Bihar that has no interest in the prices of onion even if it touches Rs 500. The Triloki Bigha village is in Chiri Panchayat of Jehanabad district, which is 80 kilometres from Patna. There are 35 families in this village and the population is about 300 to 400 people.

No matter how high the prices of onions are across the country, people of this village don’t care as no one eats onions in the entire village.

Surprisingly enough it was discovered that every person in this village is pure vegetarian and do not consume onion or garlic. No one in the village touches liquor too.

Elders in this village say no one has eaten onion or garlic in this village for many centuries. (MR, Inputs: Agencies).

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