Those who switch parties are shameless: SR Hiremath

Mysuru, May 18:- “Only shameless politicians can change parties after being elected as public representatives. Even the citizens should question such cheap politicians,” said social activist and chief of Citizens For Democracy, SR Hiremath here on Friday.

He was addressing a press meet at Mysuru Press Club on the Jana Sankalpa event to be held in New Delhi on June 29 and 30.

“Janata Dal (Secular), Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) should be taken out of power in the state. Even the former prime minister from Karnataka doesn’t have the responsibility of working under the Constitution. There is no need to discuss his children at all. It is there for everyone to see,” he said.

“Politicians changing parties is a crime. People have a role to play to prevent it. If they don’t understand their responsibility, this bad habit of politicians can’t be stopped,” he added.

“Serious thinking has to be done on the situation in the country during 2008-09. There was no control over mining mafia, Assembly, executive and judiciary and other issues. Narendra Modi government has not fulfilled many of its promises including job creation, bringing back black money, giving Rs 15 lakh to every citizen and implementation of Swaminathan Committee report,” he added.

“A governor of a state asked the public openly to vote for the BJP. Another person had told the Indian Army is Modi army. They misuse the name of soldiers for personal gains. A movement similar to that done by Jayaprakash Narayan is necessary even today. We are initiating a similar movement in Delhi,” he added.

Chandrashekhar Meti, Abhiruchi Ganesh, Karunakaran and others were present. (MR/KMR)

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