Those who work for the welfare of society should be honoured: MLA L Nagendra

Mysuru, March 6:- “Those who work for the welfare of the society should be identified and honoured,” said Chamaraja Constituency MLA L Nagendra.

He was speaking after inaugurating the jayanti of Dalit Vachanakaras at Kiru Rangamandira at Kalamandir on Vinoba Road here, organised jointly by the district administration, Kannada and Culture Department on Wednesday.

“Due to the contribution of Vachanakaras in 12th century, they are remembered even after 8 centuries. We follow their ideologies and remember them. There are only two castes in the world, male and female. Everyone has to walk on the path of dharma. A person gets identified because of his character and not because of his caste,” he added.

Jnanaprakasha seer of Urilinga Peddimutt, Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC) G Anuradha, Assistant Director of Kannada and Culture Department H Chennappa, Tayur Vittala Murthy and others were present. (GK, NGB)

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