Thousands of devotees throng to witness Chamundeshwari Rathotsava

Mysuru, October 5:- Thousands of devotees thronged the Chamundi Hills to take part in the Chamundeshwari Rathotsava held on Thursday.

The Chamundeshwari Rathotsava which is held after a week of the Dasara festival saw a surge in the number of devotees this time. The scion of the erstwhile royal family Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar and Rajamatha Pramoda Devi Wadiyar took part in the Rathotsava.

Yaduveer offered puja to the Utsavamurthy – an idol of the presiding deity and the rathotsava began at the auspicious Tula lagna at 8:05 am and was taken out in a procession on a 30-foot high chariot.

The main idol or the ‘Utsavamurthy’ of the Goddess Chamundeshwari was decked up for the occasion with various types of flowers and was pulled by the devotees. The chariot was accompanied by traditional music and the priests chanted hymns.

Speaking to media persons atop the hills, Pramoda Devi Wadiyar said, “The Dasara festival this year was conducted without any issues and to us the Dasara festivities comes to an end only after the Theppotsava. We offered our prayers to the presiding deity and hope that the state gets good rainfall this year and the people have a fruitful life in the coming days.”


Replying to a question raised about the baby shower (Seemanta Shastra) held to bless Trishika Kumari Wadiyar by the royal family, Yaduveer said, “There is a wrong interpretation about the baby shower that we hold; since this is a private issue I don’t want to speak more about this but I would like to just tell that it was held successfully.”

The Hamsavahanotsava will be held on October 6 and the famed Theppotsava will be held at 7 pm on October 07 at Devikere in Chamundi Hills. On Sunday, the Shayanotsava will be held followed by Mantapotsava and Mudi Utsava on Monday and Tuesday, respectively. -(KK, KS, NGB)


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