Thousands of Tibetans celebrate Dalai Lama’s birthday

Thousands of Tibetans are celebrating the 81st birthday of His Holiness The Dalai Lama on July 6. The town of Bylakuppe is abuzz with activities including prayers, charity and reading the Holy Scriptures.

The main celebrations will begin at the monasteries and the ornate community halls inside the Tibetan settlement. The spiritual leader is camping at Mundgod and is celebrating his birthday there with his devotees.

Shops and business establishments at Bylakuppe would be closed and people, dressed in their traditional attire, will perform pujas for the long life of their leader. Activities including release of fish to River Cauvery in Kushalnagar have been planned to mark the occasion.

Members of Tibetan Youth Congress and Tibetan Women’s Association have conveyed their warm and heartiest greetings on the occasion.

Thousands of Tibetans celebrate Dalai Lama’s birthday at Bylakuppe

They celebrate this very auspicious day with the Indian dignitaries and media people by distributing sweets. The will also host lunch at two old age homes at Bylakuppe.

The executive committees of the associations would spend some time with old people and share their joys.

The official function will be held at 9 am, Lugsam Hall by offering scarves to the portrait of The Dalai Lama. It will be followed by opera dance and other cultural show by different schools. In the evening there will be Football Final match organised by TDL Sports Club at CVP ground.

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