Three-day skill development workshop held

Three-day skill building workshop was inaugurated by K Radha, Deputy Director, Women and Child Welfare Department here.

Speaking after inaugurating the training workshop for Asha and Anganavadi workers organized by Grassroots Research and Advocacy Movement (Graam), a unit of Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement, Radha said “In rural areas pregnant women prescribed with the iron tablets ignore the medicine fearing that their baby will be born dark, which is far from the truth. It is because of this negligence both mother and the new born suffer from malnutrition.”

“On this line, the health workers should create awareness among people especially pregnant women and make sure that they eat nutritious food and also pop in thee iron tablets prescribed by  the doctors. The government has come out with various welfare schemes for the betterment of pregnant women and the new borns, but it seems like the welfare schemes are not reaching the deserved. The nutritious food given to pregnant women in the rural areas, is shared among the family members leading the new born and mother to suffer from malnutrition.” she added.

Further speaking, Basavaraju, Executive Director, GRAAM said that the individual behavior of the child is being influenced by the parents believes and strongly rooted practices in our society. He explained about the vicious circle of malnutrition which will have its long term impact on educational performance of children resulting in lack of employment opportunities which also leads to poverty and hence passing on malnutrition for the next generation again.

He also mentioned that technology has helped to increase the yield of food production but has not been successful in reducing malnutrition especially among children. “So the causes for malnutrition are not about non availability of food but it is about attitude and behavioral change of people and that has to be eradicated through awareness,” added Basavaraju. He called for the determined work and support from both ASHA and Anganwadi workers to provide support this initiative to eliminate malnutrition.

GRAAM with the help of UNICEF has taken this challenge to improve knowledge about malnutrition in the society. With this regard GRAAM is organizing this program for ASHA and Anganwadi workers to enable them to emerge as “change makers”.

The three day program is aimed to build knowledge and faith of 30 Asha and 10 Anganwadi workers from 10 villages of Nanjangud Taluk. The training program will focus on communication and interpersonal skills, acquiring a deeper understanding of the five focus areas of the project. In Mysuru district the number of malnourished kids has come down to 305 which was nearly 700 in 2015.

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