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Clock tower on the Manasagangotri campus in Mysuru

I go for morning walk in Manasagangotri every day. It is a great feeling to walk along the tree-lined roads with wide footpaths bordering green lawns. The magnificent entrance with imposing statue of Kuvempu in a sitting posture and the 70ft high clock tower joined by a straight divided road with ornately-designed  light poles in the centre are two  land marks that testify the vision of the planners. The whole area presents a sylvan surroundings rivaling any university environs that I have seen in America. The Vice Chancellor and his staff deserve fulsome praise for their vision. However, with great amount of sorrow I must point out that  everytime I go along the straight road leading to the clock tower from the entrance  and turn toward the canteen nearby my pleasure is punctuated with sorrow seeing how the stout branches of trees of the trees on either side are cut. This is particularly painful sight for me  when I see that heavy branches of a  grand old banyan tree has been sheared  When I see that the rumps have been covered with red paint which appears as though it is bleeding, I  literally  wince as if my shoulders have been cut off. The explanation for this act is rather curious  that the  visitors must have unobstructed view of clock tower and perhaps in their perception they must experience that AH moment. How I wish the authorities having created such a magnificent ambiance had exhibited more vision and sensitivity to spare maiming the trees for they too have life. In the picture I have sent it may be seen how on the other side of the same Banyan tree how  the view looks magnificent with bilalu falling down in strands from the branch.  Another issue I wish to point out is the importance of safeguarding trees from dying. I see that in several trees the barks are being eaten away by white ants and  if barks are exposed it is a matter of time when the whole tree will wither and die a painful death. Hope, the university authorities will look into the matter.

H R Bapu Satyanarayana, Saraswathipuram


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