Tipplers make beeline to buy alcohol; serpentine queues at outlets

Sale of alcohol not permitted in Covid-19 'containment zones'

Mysuru, May 4:- Tipplers across the state are a happy lot. Now that the state government has decided to allow the sale of liquor at MRP outlets, there is bonhomie all over. People who could not have alcohol for the past 40 days are now rushing to the nearest wine shops. Not surprisingly, they started queuing up at wine shops early in the morning and long serpentine ques at many outlets were a common sight.

Around 301 alcohol shops were opened in the district on Monday morning. People were rushing to the shops even before they were opened. Markings were made in front of the shops on Sunday to control the public. At some shops, people were standing in queues while maintaining a physical distance but at some other shops, people, who were excited for obvious reasons, totally forgot to follow the strictures.

Wine stores and MSIL stores are only allowed to sell alcohol. Sale of alcohol is not permitted at bar and restaurants. 181 shops with CL2 licence, 35 MSIL shops are functioning across the district. 82 shops with CL2 licence and 3 MSIL stores are functioning in MCC limits. Sale of alcohol is permitted between 9 am and 7 pm. District officer of the Excise Department KS Murali has informed that alcohol is not permitted to be sold in containment zones.

Barricades have been set up at stores to control the public. Markings have been made with an eye on social distancing but some people seem to be least bothered. Some stores allowed customers inside after giving hand sanitisers.

Each customer is permitted to purchase one full bottle or 4 quarters or two bottles of beer. Many were seen purchasing more fearing they may not get alcohol tomorrow in case there is a change in decision.

Excise Department officials Mamatha, Yashwanth, DCP Dr AN Prakash Gowda, Superintendent of Police CB Ryshyanth are keeping a tab to maintain tight security. (MR/KS)

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