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Mysuru, May 26:- GetCETGo includes two types of content; one is CET-related content and the other is NEET-related content, said Millind Chippalakatti, Academic Head, Deeksha.

The CET-related content has the following: I and II PU-related NCERT Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology-based synopsis videos and chapter-wise short cuts (Mathematics), chapter-wise selected 120 questions (in various forms), 4-5 chapters put together in combined tests.

Apart from this, there are ten full-length mock test papers. It also includes solved papers from the last ten years. The level of difficulty in each subject has been maintained as per the CET. For each problem, solutions have been provided. This content has been developed by a set of senior faculty members who have been in this field for more than 25 years.

How to use this content

First, students should go through the chapter-wise concepts and then they should solve the practice questions. Once they are thorough with 4-5 chapters, they should take chapter tests and group chapter tests. Based on this experience they should start attempting the full-length mock tests. Students should make sure that when they attempt each full length test their marks increase with each test. This gives a clear indication that they are in the right direction otherwise they should go back to make their concepts clear in each chapter and then start moving ahead in the above-mentioned steps.

The NEET-related content has the following: It includes Physics, Chemistry and Biology subject content. Using a very elaborative mode of explanation which covers all three subjects’ chapter wise synopsis (both first and second-year chapters are covered), not only is there concentration on the NCERT syllabus but also based on recent research, questions and detailed synopsis notes and videos have been provided. Apart from this, 15 full-length papers have been given.

How to use this content: Student should be thorough with the NCERT syllabus by using the synopsis content and videos. Once students start getting confidence in the concepts, they should start taking tests. Students who are going to write NEET should always be more confident in Biology and need to give equal importance to Physics and Chemistry subjects. (MR)

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