Tipu Jayanti: Angry protests all over  

The state government’s move to go ahead with Tipu Jayanti on November 10 is drawing lot of criticism. Senior BJP leaders and thousands of party workers had gathered to protest against the government decision. Many pro-Hindu organisations are also up in arms against the jayanti, what they call is not in good taste. Much before the protesters could get into action, former minister Shobha Karandlaje, MP Pratap Simha and many prominent BJP leaders were arrested here on Monday.

Speaking at a programme organised at the premises of the Kote Anjaneya temple, Shobha Karandlaje took a jibe at the government. Speaking on the occasion, she said: “By celebrating Tippu Jayanti, the state government is contributing nothing but stirring up the emotions of the people. There is no other reason than having vote bank politics to celebrate Tippu Jayanti. Hindus are being treated as non-entities in the state and the government itself is supporting the anti-social organisations like KFD and PFI.”

“The Hindu activists who rise against ill-treatment are being targeted and killed. More than 14 RSS volunteers have been killed so far and the government has not taken any serious action to trace or arrest the guilty. These cases should be handed over to the CBI to unravel the truth. The state government is taking up everything with a political motive and not with the intention of helping the people,” she added.

“BJP party worker Raju’s murderers had the clear intention of killing Hindu activists. Many Hindu activists are getting killed in the state and the government is not bothered at all. They want to celebrate Tippu Jayanti amidst all these protests and there is no value for the feelings of Hindus in the state,” said Simha.


BJP leaders, who were about to take part in the procession, were taken into custody by the police at the temple premises. Shobha Karandlaje, Pratap Simha, former minister S A Ramadas, City BJP president Dr B H Manjunath, BJP Raitha Morcha President Ka Pu Siddalinga Swamy were arrested and later released at the DC office. A memorandum against celebration of Tipu Jayanti was handed over to DC. Angry   BJP workers tore the banner of Chief Minister Siddaramaiah at the DC office.

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