Tobacco, a silent killer

Tobacco kills half of its regular users and also affects those people (passive smokers) who come in contact with it. Across India, approximately 2,200 people are dying daily because of consuming tobacco products in various forms, leaving behind family sufferings. Warning about the dangers of tobacco on packets itself explains the disease associated with its use, but it’s is not enough. The manufacturers should also insert the leaflet like medicines regarding the composition of smoke or smokeless tobacco products, so that people who are using it , should know the deadly composition of the cigarette. Apart from health, it also damage our environment. Because of meeting the requirement of paper for packaging cigarette, they have to cut trees.

One cigarette contains 7000 types of chemicals, out of which 70 are cancer-causing carcinogens. Few dangerous chemicals like arsenic, carbon monoxide, cadmium, DDT, nicotine , methanol , ammonia are present. Chemical alone is not responsible for mouth cancer or Palate cancer, even temperature of burn­ing cigarette ( 400 degree Celsius – 700 degree celsi­us) is responsible for many gum , lip , tongue and mu­cousal disease. This is the reason why smoking is not allowed at gas petrol bunks.

It is dangerous and sci­ence is telling us that the temperature of the cigarette, given the appropriate con­ditions, is quite enough to cause gasoline to autoignite. So it is the responsibility of all parents to improve the quality of air by making smoke-free environment for their kids.

Observe this world ‘No Tobacco Day’ for creating health environment for your next generation.

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