Tobacco Board fixes 95 million kgs to be grown in Karnataka

Growers urged to avoid excess cultivation and cultivation in unauthorised areas as it will cause an imbalance in demand and supply

B B Choudhury, Director, Auctions, Tobacco Board, has appealed to tobacco growers in the district to limit tobacco production to the extent prescribed by the Board.

He advised them to produce quality tobacco in order to retain the demand for the tobacco grown in this region in the world market. He urged them to avoid excess cultivation and cultivation in unauthorised areas as it would cause an imbalance in demand and supply.

In a press release, the officer said that a crop size of 100 million kilograms was fixed for Karnataka and out of which only 71.94 million kilograms were produced due to drought conditions. The same has been marketed successfully at an average price of Rs 135.24 per kg.

In the current crop season, owing to reduced global demand and restrictions imposed by the government on usage of tobacco products, the Board has fixed 95 million kilograms for Karnataka. He has also advised the growers to avoid cultivation of tobacco in undesirable areas and in paddy fields that wold lead to inferior quality tobacco.

The Tobacco Board, through its extension programmes in the present crop season, had conducted tests and analysed a total of 4,200 soil samples to ascertain the soil fertility status and suitability for tobacco cultivation.

In order to improve soil fertility and health, the Board has taken the initiative and supplied approximately 22,000 kg of green manure seeds to growers at subsidised rates.

With a view to prevent tobacco growers’ dependency on firewood from forest for curing, the board has launched a scheme ‘raise your own fuel’ where approximately 1,00,000 saplings have been supplied to growers free of cost to tide over their fuel requirements, he added.

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