Traffic awareness programme at Adhyayana school

A team of traffic wardens headed by Subramanyam, DCTW (Deputy Chief Traffic Warden) along with traffic wardens K V Ramanath, Nagesh, Vijayendra and Vasudevamurthy conducted a traffic awareness programme conducted at the Adhyayana School and PU College, Shakthinagar, Mysuru, recently.

The programme was organised in association with Sidharthnagar traffic police station headed by Police Inspector Harish Kumar.

Inspector Harish Kumar spoke in depth regarding the various laws and Indian Penal Code acts relating to traffic offences. He also advised the students to advise their parents not to violate traffic rules. Srikantamurthy, head constable, spoke about the traffic offences committed by young students. He advised students not to drive two wheelers without licence. He also pointed to the students that if accidents occur and the driver does not possess proper driving licence, parents have to incur huge losses financially.

Srikantamurthy spoke to the students on traffic rules to be followed as per the Motor Vehicle Act and patiently replied to many of the questions raised by the students on traffic regulations.

More than 100 students actively participated and interacted on several traffic rules and problems. A video session displaying live road accidents due to various traffic violations, traffic accidents in highways and traffic discipline followed in India compared to that in the US where there are less accidents was screened. This video also   convened message with a view to bring to the attention of the younger generation how important it is to follow traffic rules to be safer on roads.

DCTW Subramanyam advised students not to ride the vehicles along with their parents unless their parents follow traffic rules including wearing of helmet and not talking over mobile while driving. He also said that this programme was conducted under the SARS (Student Association for Road Safety) programme of the Mysore City Police Traffic Wardens Organisation with the sole purpose of extending awareness to the youth who are the main targets and major victims of accidents.

He said that by persuading children to speak to their parents to adhere to the traffic rules and regulations, a strong  binding will be created.   He also thanked the school authorities for permitting them to conduct the programme and said that similar SARS programmes are being conducted at various schools in and around Mysuru.

Traffic Warden Ramnath welcomed the gathering and spoke about the importance of following traffic rules. Traffic Wardens Dr Vijendra, Vasudeva Murhty and Nagesh also spoke on occasion requesting the students to follow the traffic rules and also insist their parents to follow the same.

The school authorities, including Mahabalraj, who were present on the occasion, thanked the traffic wardens and the police for conducting an educative programme for their students and assured to train  their students as volunteers for traffic duty and march past for parades.


 Inspector Harish Kumar of Siddharth Nagar traffic station, traffic wardens Nagesh and Ramnath, Deputy Chief Traffic Warden Subramanian and traffic warden, Dr Vijendra during the traffic awareness programme.

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