Traffic jams

Recently, there was a massive traffic jam for 3 days near Brexit toll gate that stretched for more than 20 km, in Indonesia, in which 12 people lost their lives due to fatigue, fume poisoning and other health issues. Now it is turn of Gurgaon expressway, which saw a massive traffic jam for 12 h on the midnight of July 28. It took 24 hours to bring normalcy. This was due to the breach in the drain due to heavy rain. This traffic jam resulted in a loss of Rs 500 crore due to lose of productivity due to poor attendance of staff.  Whatever may be the natural causes, the irresponsibility of the road users is attributed to the traffic jams. Not following lane discipline especially at railway gates being reported quite often even in Mysuru, especially at Chamarajapuram and Kukkarahalli gates. Absence of lane separators is one of the main reasons for this. Everyone is in a hurry to move fast leading to the traffic jam. Either public should start early from their places or wait patiently till their turn comes, otherwise traffic jams will continue to exist.

Dr  S V N Vijayendra, Mysuru

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