Training on Functional Programming with Haskell at NIE

Training programme on ‘Two-day Hands on Training on Functional Programming with Haskell’ was organised by National Institute of Engineering (NIE), Computer Science Division, Mysuru, recently.

The Resource person was Dr S P Suresh, Associate Professor, Chennai Mathematical Institute, Chennai, who is the course instructor for Functional Programming for NPTEL.

The training programme enabled the students to familiarise themselves with recent developments on new techniques, tools, novel applications and common areas relevant to the practice of Haskell and functional programming which requires thinking about programming in a new way. Haskell’s adoption is growing a lot in the industry. There are indications that companies like Google, Face book and Twitter have started tickling the Haskell brains. It is designed to be a platform for novel and upcoming technology.

The training sessions were handled by Vaishnavi Sundararajan, CMI, Chennai. Dr   H D Phaneendra, head, department of Computer Science  and Engineering and Dr K V Raghuveer, head, department of Information Science,  Girish , head, department of Master of Computer, Dr  C Vidyaraj,  Professor, Computer Science and Engineering, technical and non technical staff were present. S Kuzhalvaimozhi and R Anitha of CS division, NIE, Mysuru coordinated the workshop. About 35 Undergraduate students from both NIE and NIRIT attended the workshop.

PHOTO: (Left to Right) S  Kuzhalvaimozhi, coordinator,  Girish , head, department of Master of Computer, Dr  K V Raghuveer, head, Dept of Information Science, Dr S P Suresh,  Associate Professor, Chennai Mathematical Institute, Chennai,  Vaishnavi Sundararajan, CMI, Chennai, Dr C Vidyaraj, Professor, Computer Science and Engineering and  R Anitha, coordinator.

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