Transgenders stage protest march in Mysuru

Mysuru, December 11:- Transgenders in the city staged a protest march led by Ashodaya Committee of the city opposing the Transgender’s Act – 2019 proposed by the central government.

The protesters staged a protest march till the deputy commissioner’s (DC) office here on Wednesday. The march passed through Ashoka Circle (Ballal Circle) and Ramaswamy Circle.

“Certain points in the bill, such as considering a person as transgender by only considering the physical features of the person and a district-level official giving certificate are highly unscientific. This bill says that the transgenders should not be discriminated in jobs and education, but has not provided reservation. How can transgenders get education and jobs without reservation?” asked the protesters.

They wanted the bill to be discussed in the parliament before implementation.

Convener Pranati Prakash, Bindu, Richa, Manjulamma, Sahana and others were present. (MR/KS)

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