Trapped female elephant rescued

A 20-year-old female elephant that was stuck in slush at Kachuvinahalli tank in Hunsur taluk was rescued by forest officials with the help of local villagers.

A herd of six elephants slipped out of Nagarhole forest and headed towards Hanagodu and Kachuvinhallai tank. Of the six elephants, four returned to the forest while one female elephant got stuck in slush while the other made its way into a banana plantation.   Villagers, who saw the elephant battling for life, alerted local forest department personnel who immediately rushed to the spot and launched the rescue operation.

The forest staff brought in tamed elephant Ganesh from a nearby elephant camp for the rescue and sought the co-operation of the villagers to let water from irrigation pumpsets to the slushy area to loosen the soil so that jumbo can come out. The female elephant finally freed herself from the slush and headed into the forest.

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