Trash to Treasure – A Social Business Workshop at Mahajana College

A workshop, ‘Trash to Trea­sure’ – A Social Business enterprise and Swachch Bharath Abhiyana was or­ganised for the members of Spandana – Self Help Group of SBRR Mahajana First Grade College.

This workshop is an ini­tiative of Prof K V Prabha­kara, Principal of Mahajana College aiming to educate one and all on the impor­tance of recycling.

As a part of the workshop, a demonstration was giv­en to the members to make broomstick out of areca palm fronds which are generally discarded. These broom­sticks are ideal for sweeping rough floors and were sold at Rs 5/- per piece thus fetching the group its first earning.

The members also learnt to make bird – feeder con­tainers out of discarded plas­tic water bottles which could be placed in gardens or hung on trees. These were priced Rs 1 per piece. The mem­bers of the self help group got hands-on experience from the leaders Latha and Alsumaya.

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