Travel industry workers celebrate May Day in a unique way

May Day, also observed as the World Labour Day was celebrated in a unique way by the Vision Group of Mysore Travel Mart.

The novel initiative of `Shopping on Wheels,’ comprising a royal Mysuru souvenir box was launched to mark the day by former minister S A Ramadas,; N Shashi Ku-mar, Deputy Director, Karna-taka Tourism and Murali Kona Reddy, convener, Education and Tourism, Vision Group and founder, Learners PU College, Mysuru at the Jaya Marthanda Gate of Mysore Palace on Sunday. The event was jointly hosted by Karnataka Tourism, Desiadda, Drivers’ Association and Mysore Travels Association.

`Shopping on Wheels’ offers products of a wide range which are handpicked from Desiadda’s local artists, small industries and designers, which together represent and project the vibrant heritage, culture and grandeur of the heritage city of Mysuru, all comprising good takeaways for the tourists. With products being sourced by Desiadda directly from the artists, the authenticity of the products and the rates of products are parallel to no other. Also the flexible payment options, chance to touch-and-feel the products and to have them delivered at the hotels, homes of the customers, tourists. `Shopping on wheels’ takes both shopping and travels to a whole new level.

The programme is aimed to offer a helping hand and to support the drivers of the travel industry in the city, by not only providing them moral support. A half-day training session was conducted for the drivers which include issues such as promoting Mysuru as the tourism hub, improving customer relations, communication and behavioural training, etc.

The key initiative is to introduce a new dimension to both shopping and to travel itself. This initiative looks at inculcating soft skills, social skills and workmanship in drivers, thus improving the overall customer experience, enabling additional income to drivers, making drivers (shopping ambassadors) self-reliant and imbibing a sense of ownership among them.

Venkatesh from RIIIT, Muruli from Learners PU College, Jaykumar, president, Mysore Travel Association; Adarsh from Desiadda , Nagaraj from Taxi Drivers’ Association conducted training session for the drivers. Rotarian Raghu provided a de-
tailed session on road skills for the sarathis.

Twenty five taxi drivers of Mysuru who were given the name as ‘taxi sarathis’ by Prashanth B S, Director, Safe-wheels, were honoured on the occasion. Mementos were presented to the dignitaries.

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