Treat children who are below 18 as minors, suggests rally

Mysuru, June 12:- What is the age that should be the criteria to call a girl or a boy a child? The hot debate has been on for years now and the solution for the problem has remained elusive. Rural education and health organisation is of the opinion any boy or girl who is under-18 should be referred to as a child, according to international child right norms.   The organisation held a rally in the city, urging all those at the helm of affairs to consider their demand favourably.

The rally began from Kote Anjaneya temple in Agrahara. The volunteers asked the government to pass a bill to ensure that no child (whether boy or girl) is made to work until he or she attains the age of 18.  “There should be no room for part-time job before or after the class hours,” the volunteers suggested.

Hundreds of volunteers took part in the rally. (MR/KS).

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