Treatment first, payment next is the mantra at Jayadeva: Dr C N Manjunath

Mysuru, September 24:- “Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences and Research Centre has achieved 400% progress. We have treated close to three lakh patients so far. The institute was formed to give quality health care to poor people in Mysuru and Gulbarga,” said the director of the institute, Dr C N Manjunath. He was speaking after being felicitated at the senate hall of the University of Mysore here on Sunday.

“The government provided Rs 5 crore in 2010 for setting up Jayadeva. It was constructed within 11 months at a cost of Rs 15 crore. The remaining Rs 10 crore was raised from the public. We have treated 5 lakh heart patients in Mysuru since then. The hospital had only 110 beds and was not possible to treat all the patients. We requested the government for a 350- bed hospital. The then CM Siddaramaiah had agreed to the proposal and sanctioned Rs 150 crore. We have given Rs 70 crore from the internal budget of the hospital and constructed the new hospital. P K Sanitarium belongs to the royal family. We have constructed a temple of hearts in the land of the kings. The institute has everything that is available in Bengaluru. Not only the building and instruments, but the service-oriented mindset is the most required element. That’s why we have set up a board which reads ‘humanity first at the hospital,” he said.

“To understand life, one has to meet patients at the hospital, prisoners at jails and soldiers at a war field. We have not sent back any patient who didn’t have money. Humanity should matter the most. We are instructed to follow the law even if there are loopholes. Instead of following them as they are, they should be amended for good. If it is possible, patients should be treated by altering the law when required. Whether a patient has money or not, Jayadeva Hospital treats them. For us, treatment is first, payment next. Law would be good if it has lesser pages. The British rules should be changed at least now. BPL card holders can avail free treatment. But we treat those who don’t have BPL card also for free. But the auditors are the Yama incarnation for us! That’s why we identify the poor by eyes. We have implemented the law of humanity at Jayadeva. Recently, a patient had brought Rs 25,000 by selling his cow. We returned him the money, treated him for free and asked him to bring back the cow and show us. We feel bad when rich people, VIPs come to Jayadeva Hospital and seek discounts. Poor people don’t lie, but the rich do. People are losing faith in doctors. Even if I leave Jayadeva Hospital, the institute should be able to treat considering humanity,” he added.

“Jayadeva Institute is not only limited to Karnataka. Patients from far-off places are treated here. If I speak more, people may call it an exaggeration. Everyone knows how Dr Manjunath works. The government-run Jayadeva Hospital is being appreciated by everyone,” said former prime minister H D Deve Gowda.

He praised his daughter, wife of Dr Manjunath, Anasuya for being a strength behind her husband. He also remembered the contributions of former CM Siddaramaiah towards Jayadeva Institute.

Seer Shivaratri Deshikendra of Suttur mutt, Rajamatha Pramodha Devi Wadiyar, Dr Anasuya, former vice chancellor of University of Mysore Prof K S Rangappa, writer Dr CPK and others were present. (MR/KS).

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