Tribes’ federation urges govt to reopen schools for children

Mysuru: A meeting was held at the Mysuru Press Club by the Confederation of the Karnataka Forest Budakattu Communities here on Friday (January 21).

Shailendra Kumar, Federation district unit president, said, “With the ongoing third wave of COVID-19 crisis, we all know about the night curfew and weekend lockdown curbs imposed by the state government. Vaccination shots are now given to children over the age of 15 years as well. We are all now safe with the wide range of precautionary vaccine distribution. “
He added, “There are tribes living across the district in the forests and countryside of HD Kote, Hunsur, Periyapatna, Saraguru and Nanjangud. Their children go to schools or monasteries built especially for them by the education department. Approximately, 1,200 children go to school. In the last two years, these children have faced issues and lost their right to education due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There are many cases that show us the mental agony these children are going through. So, we request that these schools continue the physical classes under strict COVID guidelines. “
At the press meet, Putta Basavaiah, Kalamma, Meenakshi Maladahadi, and Surendra Chamaiahnahadi were present. (AM/KS)

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