Tributes paid to great personalities

Karnataka State Dr Gangubai Hangal University of Music and performing arts observed Jayantis of Buddha, Mahavir, Basaveshwara and Dr Gangubai Hangal at their university premises on Tuesday.

Delivering the inaugural address Noted Writer and Nadoja Dr Kamala Hampana said, “We are happy to note that a music university is observing the birth anniversaries of four great personalities – Buddha, Mahavir, Basavanna and Dr Gangubai Hanagal by organising special lectures  and spreading their philosophies to the young minds.

These four great souls broadened the message of humanity and strived hard to bring about positive changes in the society. Starting from the early 5th and 6th century, Buddha and Mahavir gave a sound and practical guideline on how to be a good human being. Buddha spread the philosophies through the Pali language and Mahavir through the Prakrit language which were extensively used in the re­gions they lived and travelled. Later in 12th century, Basa­vanna through his Vachanas fought for social justice.”

“It is saddening to know that all these great souls who preached and spread great philosophies are getting con­fined to a particular religion, caste and people of a particu­lar region,” he added.

Special lectures on Ma­havir, Buddha, Basavanna and Dr Gangubai Hana­gal were held as part of the programme.

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