Trisha real hero of ‘Nayaki’: Govi

Director Govi says actress Trisha Krishnan, known for her work in films such as “Athadu” and “Stalin”, is the real hero of forthcoming Telugu horror-comedy “Nayaki”, which releases in cinemas on Friday.

“Although I have two male leads, Trisha is the hero of the film. She worked very hard on this project, shed weight and underwent complete makeover to play her part. I don’t think any leading actress would compromise so much for the sake of a film,” Govi told.

In the film, Trisha displays two different looks.

“In one of her avatars, she plays a 16-18 year old character. I didn’t have to tell her how she should look for the character. When I narrated the story, she understood what was expected from her to do justice to the role,” he said.

“Trisha will be mostly seen in the 1980s look. The story will go back and forth in time. The film is 98 percent comedy and two percent horror,” said Govi, adding that without Trisha’s support they couldn’t have completed the project on time.

For the first time in her career, Trisha has crooned in “Nayaki”.

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