Trump looks directly at the Sun during solar eclipse, mocked on social media

Prime News, International, Washington, August 22:- The United States witnessed a total solar eclipse, but instead of savouring each moment of the grand spectacle, the social media was more focused on trolling President Donald Trump as he looked “directly at the Sun.”

The US president was ‘mocked’ online for ‘appearing’ to look directly at the Sun, despite people being warned that looking at it directly could damage one’s eyes.

The Twitterati could not help but post comments tearing into him.

One user tweeted, “Scientists: Don’t look straight at sun during eclipse. Trump: Hold my glasses.”

Another tweeted, “But president, you need special glasses to look at the eclipse. Trump: FAKE NEWS.”

“AIDE: You need to wear eclipse glasses. TRUMP: Did Obama wear them? AIDE: Yes, it’s a safety issue. TRUMP: Then it’s settled. No glasses.”

-(NGB, Inputs: Agencies)

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