Trump warns Pakistan of ‘repercussions’ over Hafiz Saeed’s release

Prime News, International (New York), November 26:- United States President Donald Trump has warned Pakistan that failure to take action against Jammat-ud-Dawa leader Hafiz Saeed “will have repercussions for bilateral relations”.

The US “strongly condemns” his release from house arrest and “calls for his immediate re-arrest and prosecution,” Trump’s Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement on Saturday.

“If Pakistan does not take action to lawfully detain Saeed and charge him for his crimes, its inaction will have repercussions for bilateral relations and for Pakistan’s global reputation” the statement said.

Trump’s latest warning is more specific focusing on Saeed’s release on Thursday in the face of Pakistan’s defiance of his admonishment in August that Pakistan had “much to lose” by harbouring terrorists.

“Saeed’s release, after Pakistan’s failure to prosecute or charge him, sends a deeply troubling message about Pakistan’s commitment to combating international terrorism and belies Pakistani claims that it will not provide sanctuary for terrorists on its soil,” Sanders’s statement said. (MR, Inputs: Agencies).

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