Trump’s new communications director Scaramucci gets ‘touchy’ with interviewer

Prime News, International, Washington, July 31:- In a recent interview of US President Donald Trump’s new communications director Anthony Scaramucci, the personal space of news presenter Emily Maitlis was repeatedly trespassed.

The White House employee, who assumed the office just a week before, was seen placing a finger on the interviewer’s arm, gazing at her chest, and even pulling her for a semi-hug.

As the questions were posed at him, Scaramucci answered them accompanied with some or the other action initiated towards Maitlis.

During the interview, the new Communications Director can be seen placing his finger or hand at Maitlis’ arm, sometimes even patting it.

The intensity of the gestures increased when Scaramucci shook hands with the interviewer that lasted a millisecond too long, and later making it more friendly by giving her a semi-hug.

Apparently, it also seemed as if Scaramucci gazed at Maitlis up and down and even glanced at her chest.

This is what one can make out from the video of the interview that went viral. The rest can be left for speculation.

-(NGB, Inputs: Agencies)

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