Trump’s win: Bundle of contradictions

Donald Trump’s triumph is a bundle of contradictions wrapped in irony that has turned many popular beliefs on their head. For one, Trump repeatedly claimed the elections were rigged, yet he won. Hillary Clinton has received 218,134 more votes than Trump, but he is the winner because he has won 279 electoral college seats to Clinton’s 228. This is because US presidential elections are not direct elections, but the choosing of electors from each state.

He’s a multi-billionaire, yet he has emerged as the voice of the working class and the working poor. Only 38 percent of voters surveyed had a favorable opinion of Trump and 51 percent said only Hillary Clinton had the qualities of leadership and personality needed to become President. But they elected Trump. Progressives have railed against the money power they say the Republicans have deployed to control the political process. In reality, the Democrats outspent the Republicans in this election. According to the Washington Post, Hillary Clinton raised $1.3 billion against Trump’s $795 million as of mid-October.

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