TV star Kim Kardashian faces trademark lawsuit over new perfume line

Entertainment News, International, (Washington DC), July 20:-Reality TV star Kim Kardashian has been sued over her recently-launched perfume line.

According to Page Six, the 37-year-old is already facing a trademark logo infringement lawsuit over the newly-launched Kimoji Vibes perfume.

Legal documents in this matter show that a mobile marketing company Vibes Media, which was involved in the packaging of the perfume bottles, has claimed that she had infringed their logo as her own.

The marketing company registered their logo in 2012. The logo resembles a blue speech bubble with the word “Vibes” written in white lowercase.

Page Six further reported that the lawsuit alleged Kim’s fragrance line has been “marketing, promoting, and is now selling a ‘Vibes’ perfume. The ‘Vibes’ perfume comes in a bottle that is a close facsimile of the registered `Vibes` logo.

The Kimoji perfumer series logo resembles a black speech bubble with ‘Vibes’ written in a white uppercase font with a slight rainbow penumbra.

Vibes Media’s lawsuit is focused on the Kimoji perfume, seeking unspecified damages and an injunction in order to let her sell the fragrance line.

On a related note, Kim who released her newest line of perfumes- Kimoji Cherry, Kimoji Peach, and Kimoji Vibes, sold them in just five minutes to earn a whopping  USD 5 Million (Around Rs 34.28 crore).

-(NAV, Inputs: Agencies)

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