Twin City Relay between B’Iore-Mysuru on June 10, 11

The Twin City Relay has been scheduled to be held for the first time between Bengaluru and Mysuru on June 10 and 11. It is a unique team event in India, putting endurance, team efforts and leadership qualities of each participant through litmus test. It is a 120-km relay run with variable lap length across the contours of highway between the two cities, allowing the team to take advantage of its members’ strength to build its winning strategy.It is a relay run between two cities of India. Each team member

It is a relay run between two cities of India. Each team member participates in only a set part of the race carrying a baton and is relieved by another member of the team at the exchange station with a baton handoff.

The run will start on June 10 at 7 pm from Decathlon, Mysuru Road and conclude on June 11 at 9 am in Chamundi Vihar Stadium, Mysuru, via Bengaluru Mysuru Highway. The event has been organised by Inventors India Research Foundation and Socio Fitness.

Twin City Relay understands the excitement and capabilities of differ-ent runners and has thus designed the event with varying degree of endurance test for the runners, classifying the participation under two different leagues- Pro League and Open League.

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