Two arrested for robbing APMC traders, Doctor

In a major breakthrough, the City Crime Branch sleuths have arrested two youths and have solved two major cases of robberies where the victims were threatened, assaulted and robbed of gold and cash. Their ten accomplices have also been identified and a team has already left to Bengaluru to arrest them.

The accused has been identified as 21-year-old Rahul and 22-year-old Chethan. While Rahul is a resident of Bengaluru and a 10th dropout, Chethan is PU dropout and a resident of Nazarbad in the city. They had assaulted and robbed two APMC traders and had looted a doctor Kollegala at gunpoint in July.

According to the police, the youths committed the crimes to fund their extravagant lifestyle. In all, they were a part of a 12-member gang with Rahul and Chethan as leaders. They used to lure youth into crime by convincing them of making easy and quick money.

On August 8, CCB ACP Gopal found Rahul sitting on a black bike near the city bus stand and questioned him. Rahul was taken to the police station as he could not give convincing replies. At the station, Rahul got a call from his friend Chethan who was plotting to lift a two-wheeler at Nazarbad. The police team then took Rahul to Nazarbad and arrested Chethan who had a knife and chilli powder.


In the first incident, an orthopaedic surgeon was robbed of gold rings and cash by Rahul and Chethan and one more accomplice. They faked an accident to rob him at gun point.

Dr Raju, orthopaedic surgeon at Kollegal Government Hospital was driving his car towards a restaurant in Dattagalli. He saw three persons lying on the road along with their motorcycle near the Ring Road junction.

Raju got off from his vehicle to help the trio and as soon as he came out of the car, one man ran up to Raju, pushed him inside the car while the other person held him at gun point. Later, they drove the car to an isolated area where they robbed and pushed Dr Raju out of the car and sped away.


In the second incident on July 17, two traders who were returning home from APMC Yard after their daily business were robbed of Rs 2 lakh by the accused on the Ring Road near JP Nagar. The victims were assaulted and abandoned on the road.

Sharath and Veeresh were returning home from their shop at the APMC Yard. It was a daily practice for them to carry cash back home every day. On July 17, as they reached the Ring Road at around 11:30 pm, a bike approached them from the opposite side.

The accused who were on the other bike flashed bright headlights on the faces of Veeresh and Sharath. Confused for a moment, the duo lost control over the bike due to the bright light. Seizing the opportunity, the youths on the other bike assaulted them with wooden logs.

The cash bag that contained Rs 2 lakh was snatched and the victims were pushed by the side of the road.

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