Two elephants found dead in Nagarahole forest reserve


In two separate incidents that shook wildlife enthusiasts, carcasses of two elephants were found near Karmad in Kallahalli forest range of Nagarahole forest reserve. The incident has come to light late on Tuesday.

A male elephant, aged 35 years, died in a freak accident, as it slipped into a trench at Kallahalla range of Nagarahole Park a few days ago. But it was found only on Tuesday.

In another incident, the carcass of a male elephant, aged around 40 years, was found in a decomposed state in the Kallahalla range of the Nagarahole National Park. The autopsy report revealed that it must have died natural seven days ago.  However, The tusk of the jumbo was found missing.

DCF Nagarahole National Reserve Kantharaj, ACF Prasanna, RFO Shivaram along with dog squad visited the spot.


Meanwhile, in another case reported from a coffee estate in Thithimathi range in Kodagu, a male elephant was found dead. The foresters suspect that it may been shot.  The exact reason for the death of the jumbo is yet to be ascertained. The estate workers are not cooperating for the police to proceed further.
Forest department officials are worried that such incidents are on the rise.  Though there is a blanket ban on use of ivory, demand for it in the international market has never declined.


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